In-Home Massage Services

We now offer In-Home Massage! | Call for Availability!

 Treating hundreds of people in Richmond and the Tri-City areas of Virginia

Inspired by the idea to better assist our community, our In-Home Massage Services blossomed into existence. We offer treatment to those who cannot leave their home, or even those who choose not too! We work largely with the geriatric and hospice communities, along with many who suffer from various mental illnesses and learning conditions!

This lack of self-care due to the inability to be more active can not only worsen their stress, which can worsen many health conditions; but prolong suffering that can be easily avoided otherwise!

Let us take the hassle out of wondering how you're going to get your next massage by letting us bring it to you! Whether you're staying in a trailer, hotel, apartment/townhouse, single story or multi-story home; we will come bring you a Massage experience that you'd have similar in our office! 

In-Home Massage Prices

60 Minute = $100
90 Minute = $150

120 Minute = $190

Driving Fees   

Within 12 miles of our office = no fee
Up to 25 miles from our office = $.25/mile

25+ miles from our office = please call


Additional Charge Information on In-Home Services can be found in our company policies.

Please contact the office for materials with more information!