Massage Upgrades

"All of our upgrades are personally tested before being offered to clients. Our priority is to give you the highest quality, all-natural products at a reasonable price. The variety of Upgrades we offer here at Wellness Awaits You were hand chosen to help boost the benefits of your Massage experience; further excelling your reach towards your health goals!"

- Ashley Van Valkenburgh, Owner

Paraffin Treatment

This treatment is most commonly used in Spa's or Nail Salons. Refereed to as a "Paraffin dip" or "Paraffin bath", it is normally performed on the hands or feet. We've taken it a step further by offering it as an actual Treatment, for more than just your hands or feet! Strips of cloth will be dipped in wax before being applied to the area discussed at the time of your session. The area will then be covered with plastic and/or hot towels. Paraffin wax is more than just a luxury. It has a long history for treating all kinds of ailments naturally, and to this day continues to be beneficial.

Benefits of this treatment are:




Repair chaffed/cracked skin

Increases blood flow

Reduces stiff/inflamed, muscles/joints

Reduces muscle spams

Peppermint & Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

Massage has many known benefits, but how often do you hear that massaging your scalp is also good for you? Well it is!

Regular Scalp Massage has many benefits: 

Preventing & Repairing to dry scalp

Improves blood flow

Strengthening hair roots

Soften and conditions hair while building it's resilience


Promotes better sleep


We choose to add in Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oil for the additional benefits!

 Tea Tree


Promotes hair growth

Soothes dry scalp

Controls itchy


Safe Daily Cleanser


Relieves Headaches/Migraines

Promotes hair growth

Assists with preventing/fixing dandruff

Prevents Lice


With the use of suction provided by the use of glass or silicone cups, you can create a negative pressure. This makes the ability to more effectively loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate your nervous system (which is great for assisting with Hypertension).

This ancient Eastern Therapy is used to treat many conditions, like: 

Neck/Back Pain

Stiff Muscles






Sugar Scrub

Normally performed on the hands or feet, we've again taken a commonly known spa "luxury", and taken it a step further by offering it for more than just your hands or feet!

To cater to our variety of clientele, offer 3 different scrubs to choose from!

Tuscan Bouquet

Pomegranate & Acai 

*Therapist Choice - Moroccan Rose

Benefits of Sugar Scrubs are:

Naturally hydrates your skin to moisturize

Encourages and boosts new cell growth

Natural exfoliant

Promotes blood flow

Calms the nervous system

Reduces water retention

Face Masks

Face Masks are a perfect addition to your skin care regimen.

Add that touch of relaxation you've been seeking to your next Massage, while starting on the path to good skin maintenance at the same time!

For the wide-range of skin types, we offer a variety of 3 different masks to choose from!

Dead Sea Mud Detoxing & Moisturizing (Unscented)

Rosemary & Mint Detoxing & Moisturizing

*Therapist Choice - Detoxifying Charcoal

They are known for:

Hydrating skin

Removing excess oils

Improving appearance of pores

Removing impurities

Tighten/Toning skin

*Hot-Towels, and Essential Oils are already included in each session*


Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Grapefruit, White Grapefruit, Helichrysum, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, & *Therapist Choice

*Therapist Choice - Changes Monthly

For any additional questions regarding Upgrades, please feel free to contact at your convenience!

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