New Upcoming Services

This page will update you all about our new upcoming services, and classes available at Wellness Awaits You!

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Wellness Workshops |APRIL 2019

We're always striving to find new ways to help our clients reach their wellness goals! What better way then assisting them with more than just soft tissue manipulation? That's why we're bringing Health and Wellness classes to you!

Learn how your daily lifestyle choices impact chronic pain, beginner courses on meditation to help you connect to your inner self; as well as breathing techniques to help reduce stress! We cannot wait to show you all we have to offer this Spring!


Recovery Treatment | SPRING 2019

Orthopedic Massage is a style of therapy that was designed to more effectively target, and treat medical conditions by releasing tense muscles, decompressing rigid joints, and helping to stretch/lengthen tight muscles/tendons. Our Recovery Treatment is built off this style of therapy, backed by using a series of planned massage sessions with the intent to treat a dysfunction, or injury.

We utilize information based around your health history, areas of complaint, and a physical assessment to tailor this plan specifically to YOU! 

The goal of our Recovery Treatment is to not only more effectively restore full-health to the soft tissue of your body while treating your specific conditions; but to also improve your overall well-being!