On-Site: Chair Massage

Bringing Massage Therapy into the workplace for your employees, has many benefits!

"Let us help you care for your employees, and by doing so; extend the longevity of your company by improving your employees quality of work through Massage Therapy." - Ashley Van Valkenburgh, Owner

Increase employee retention: When providing your employees with massage at the work place, you're boosting their morale and boosting their moods!

- Reduce absenteeism: Many health conditions can be caused by stress, from the common cold to many more serious conditions. At minimum 50% of missed work days are stress-related!

- Low Health Care Costs: Regular massage can boost your immune system, as well as help manage your stress; eliminating the need for constant doctor visits!

- Increase productivity: Sitting at a desk all day can not only make you tired, but also leave you feeling stiff and achy. Regular massage can relieve muscle tension, improve stress, and clear your mind of "brain-fog"; boosting your drive to get up and go!

All it takes is 15 minutes to effectively reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, and fatigue as well as improve mood!


Massage Therapy is commonly known for:

- Reducing muscle and joint, pain/tension.

-Assisting with improving posture.

-Decreasing stress and promoting relaxation.

-Improving blood and lymphatic circulation.

-Improving sleep and ability to rest easier.

-Boosting your immune system.

- Among many other health benefits!

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