Massage Options

30 minutes: $65.00
60 minutes: $80.00
90 minutes: $120.00


Every Massage Session we offer is targeted to your problem areas, and health goals!

In order to help you achieve your best results, we suggest these areas of focus:

(Keep in mind that each individual person is unique. Our bodies respond to healing differently, so please remember these suggestions above may change after your first massage, and may change going forward through any other treatments.)

30 Minute Massage

1 Body Area


-Neck & Shoulders

-Neck & Full Back


60 Minute Massage

2 Body Areas


-Neck, Shoulders, & Full Back

-Full Back, Gluteals, Hips, & Legs


90 Minute Massage

3-4 Body Areas, or a Full Body Massage


-Neck & Shoulders, Full Back, Gluteals & Hips, Legs & Feet

-Full Body includes: head, face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, stomach, legs, feet, gluteals, hips, and back.

Bamboo Visage Treatment

30 minutes: $45.00
60 minutes: $60.00

A newer created modality (est. 2004), Bamboo Visage (Visage is "face" in French) is a facial focused half-hour massage performed with bamboo sticks at a varying of temperatures ranging from warm/cold/neutral. 

Benefits of this treatment:
Improved blood, oxygen, nutrient, and lymph circulation | Improved complexion | Reduces wrinkles/fine lines

Promotes relaxation | Provides a deeper connection to your well-being.

We've boosted this facial focused massage by turning it into an hour treatment! Give your skin care regimen the maximum benefit by adding any of our Face Masks to this service!

Additional benefits of this treatment are:
Hydration | Removing impurities| Reducing blemishes | Removing excess oils | Tightening and toning skin.


To help you achieve your best results, we recommend both services/treatments 2-4 times a month in addition to a regular massage plan

Monthly Loyalty Program (MLP)

60 minutes: $75.00
90 minutes: $115.00
2 (60) minutes: $155.00


Similar to our 60 Minute and 90 Minute Massages, these series of 60 or 90 Minute sessions are tailored to your problem areas, and health goals!

The difference? Our program, the MLP, was created with client benefit in mind. Everything about our Monthly Program is about giving back to the client with continuous rewards for committed loyalty!


Earn Rewards. Once you have Loyalty Status, you start earning points for services! These points can be spent to earn additional discounts and other free services!

No Joining-Fees. You pay nothing to join our Program! You are only responsible for a discounted monthly fee for your sessions when you come in. That’s it!

No Monthly Penalties. If you can’t come in for your monthly session, don’t fret! Sessions can be moved to the following month to be used without incurring any fees!

No Termination Fees. If for whatever reason our Loyalty Program doesn't’t work for you; that’s okay! Just give us 2-week notice at your last session and we’ll cancel your Loyalty Status at NO COST to you!


Call or E-mail for additional questions or information about the Monthly Loyalty Program.