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As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), my personal goal is to help others achieve a complete spiritual and physical balance. Maintaining your health, or getting you back into a less stressful, happier, and more active lifestyle is my objective. Working for a Chiropractic Office in Midlothian, Virginia has been a blessing that I eagerly look forward to sharing with my clients.

 Advanced Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center has all the up-to-date means of Chiropractic Care. Add in Massage Therapy, and we aim to give everyone the best of care possible. For more information on our Chiropractic services, visit our website below.


I know that all forms of massage are beneficial in their own way, but through time I have seen more improvement overall with Integrative Massage, which is my preferred form of technique; combining multiple modalities to suite your needs. My clients should know I go above and beyond by keeping up-to-date with required State laws; giving my clients not only the best care available but aiming to keep them safe as well.

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Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to caring for you.